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Patterns & Kits Available:     Orcas Live Here, Orcas Live Here Too, Ocean Waves Home Decor,

                                         Wild Pacific Lighthouse and Victoria’s Heritage

Calico Cupboard                     

Patterns & Kits Available:     Bald Eagle 2, Flower the Turtle Pincushion, Indigo Island,

                                         Lamp Post Flower Baskets, Lighthouses of Victoria, Petals,

                                         Mountain Playground, Oyster Catchers, Roses and Windows,

                                         Shoreline Images, The Tea Party and The Tea Bag

Bib N’ Tucker                         

Patterns & Kits Available:     Playing In The Trees, Fisgard Lighthouse, Shoreline Images

                                         and The Tea Bag

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Lighthouses of British Columbia

Lighthouses of British Columbia
Photographs by Mike Mitchell

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